We strive at all times to provide you with our maximum service beyond the product quality to the point of delivery of the product from your place order click.

In addition to the finish and superiority of our product, we hope to bring you a fresh experience while maintaining a high level of quality in the packaging you receive.

This will be a great experience for you as we will deliver your product to you quickly, safely and at affordable prices.

What is “Aqura”

Aqura is Sri Lanka’s premier online shopping market place.

Aqura has high quality products with reasonable price based on fashion category.

Aqura provides an outstanding customer service, an easy purchase, trouble free shopping & return service.


Island wide free delivery

Ship within 3 business days

Will be handed within 3-5 business days

100% Protection


When returning, customer should return the product within 7 days.

If the return is done within 3 days, the delivery costs will not be charged.

When returning in between 3 – 7 days, the delivery cost will be charged from the customer.

Also the customer should mention the reason for returning the product as it will help to maintain a user friendly service.